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Estuary Cod

The Estuary Cod is the name given to quite a few species of fish across the East Coast but most commonly attributed to the Malabar Grouper. These fish are common by-catches when targetting Barramundi and mangrove jack. Their fighting quality makes them sometimes difficult to differentiate from the more preferred targets. In addition to being good sport they are also excellent eating. The Estuary Cod is found in tropical and sub-tropical estuaries right throughout the indo-pacific region making them one of the most widespread estuary fish in the world.

Estuary Cod Malabar Grouper

Estuary Cod in captivity at the Melbourne Aquarium

These fish average at around 3 kilograms but can be encountered up to 25kg. If you want to target them try to catch a barra or jack and you will almost certainly catch one of these instead.